Let's talk about functional beauty

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder:

There is so much that is written on beauty. Poets and writers alike have waxed eloquent about beauty in various forms. Why, even there are multitudes of quotes in the public domain that sing paeans to beauty. But, if I ask you to define beauty, I am sure you will be tongue tied!

I was too!

Infact, a close associate wanted me to agree to something that he found too beautiful for words and my description of the very same thing jolted him off. He had not expected half as much to be grounded like that! Ha-ha. We all have our own perception about beauty. Beauty is indeed subjective. What do I mean? Say that I find something or someone extremely beautiful, it is not at all necessary that you would do the same. Why because even though beauty as an attribute exists there is no clear definition to it. Each one sees beauty differently and in different things. And that is precisely why we always seem to say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Have you ever come across functional beauty?

This is a relatively newly coined word but the concept is as old as the stone age. Functional beauty is deeper than the skin. It moves over the normal eyeliner, lip liner and mascara and tries to address the needs of the hair and the skin. Its goal is the long term benefit tot eh skin and the hair. Functional beauty products advocate the using of the best products that will aid you in looking your best even with passage of time.

You can liken the concept with nutrition:

You know, I remember very well when a friend’s mother had come to America to look after her daughter’s children while she was birthing, used to advocate and feed foods such as barley, and coconut water to her during her pregnancy days and later after her delivery. Her argument was that these foods nourish the body and the benefits are obvious in the long run. I think she was talking about functional food. And so, similarly functional make up.

Functional beauty is a conscious effort:

It is so easy to mask our sleep deprivation with a thick coat of mascara and a bright red lipstick; but they are only shortcuts. For your skin to be able to nourish itself to look beautiful and radiant for a long time to come, you will need to consciously take an extra effort to be able to also use the products that will help you sustain the health of your skin and hair longer.

The best example of functional beauty in co relation to food is yoghurt:

Yoghurt has obvious benefit to the proper digestion in the body and a good metabolism will ensure that there is enough hydration in the skin and therefore it is clear of unwanted conditions such as Acne, dark circles, wrinkles, dryness or rosy patches and ugly pigmentation patches. I have had friends who used to fret having blackheads on their faces and use to ceremoniously carry a blackhead removal tool wherever they travelled.