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We are trendsetters but we still believe in the classic!

No we are not being contradictory. We are trying to reiterate that when you try and follow trends in life, there is a high possibility that you overlook the basic. It happens all the time with all of us. For example, getting up late can make our faces look bloated. But since we have commitments at work, we try to conceal all of that under beauty products which definitely is successful in accentuating our looks but only temporarily.

So, while the looks are taken care of, do we realize that we are bypassing nature and using products heavily on us which may keep the capacity of not only not doing anything great to our skin but also be damaging it beyond repair? Have you ever given this a thought? Apparently, a lot of people who come to our clinic for consultation are shocked when we do an honest assessment of their beauty regime and the products that they use. The shortest cut to looking beautiful may be to wear makeup throughout your waking day but is it even practical?

And what happens when we age?

Aging is a continuous process, we cannot stop it. The vagaries of aging can be seen on the face first and the skin and the hair are the first to take the brunt. It is not important then to give it the importance that is due? Presenting functional beauty products for the woman of today!

What do we have?

Our products are certified by the various institutes and are the mildest in the category. Our soaps and shampoos have Hyaluronic acid which has the capacity to make the skin supple and hair soft. It definitely helps that this gentle chemical has no known side effects ever. Our products contain ten percent of this chemical and that is exactly why our product is the best for you! We also have collagen booster called peptides added to firm up your skin. Our night cream with peptide is the block buster. You must try! Apart from this we recommend that you eat healthy, sleep snug, exercise daily and avoid smoking. You definitely need to respect your skin!